Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your order is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition at the shipping address provided. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality or freshness of your order upon arrival, please contact us with a description and photographs detailing the issue and we will replace your item free of charge. All claims must be submitted within 7 days of purchase. Because this is a food item, it cannot be returned unless it arrives damaged.  

Our guarantee extends only to correctly addressed orders. Due to the perishable nature of chocolate, we cannot guarantee the condition of the package if it could not be delivered to the recipient at the address provided. Idle Isle Candy is not responsible for failed deliveries when you provide an incorrect or outdated address, or when the recipient is out of town or not available. Shipments that are returned or require additional re-routing due to incorrect addresses will be subject to an additional $10 reshipping charge. 

For international shipments, (NO ONLINE ORDERS, MUST CALL INTO STORE), we are unable to offer refunds for chocolate that may be damaged or delayed by International Customs, or undeliverable to the final destination through the local carrier. Please take this into consideration before placing international orders. 

For purchases made at our stores, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality or freshness of any item, please bring the unused portion to Idle Isle Candy along with your receipt and we will replace it free of charge if receipt is dated before 7 days.  Because this is a food item, we do not accept returns.