Idle Isle Candy is one of Utah's oldest businesses, catering to the discriminating palettes of chocolate devotees in Utah and across the USA since 1921

Established in May of 1921, in the small town of Brigham City, Utah, the Idle Isle first opened as an ice cream and candy store.

Original founders, Percy and Verabel Knudson, invited Vera's brother and his wife LaRita Call, to join them in a partnership that successfully added homemade soups and sandwiches to the offerings of the store. The business then evolved into a full service restaurant which operated in conjunction with the candy operation. The Knudsons focused on the restaurant side of the business while the Calls focused on the candy and ice cream side.

Over the years, Mr. Call developed some 40+ candy recipes that were to be the backbone of the success of Idle Isle Candy Company, LaRita and Verabel were integral to the hand-dipping and production of the chocolates.

Ever mindful of the development of new and higher quality candy making ingredients, as well as processing techniques, Mr. Call always ensured the ingredients and techniques he used in his candy making were of the finest quality.

He also ensured that the young assistant he hired in 1971, his partner's grandson Richard VanDyke, learned not only the proper use of ingredients but also the candy making techniques not commonly used by today's high-volume, and sometimes low-quality candy makers. That assistant would eventually purchase the business upon Mr. Call's retirement, and become the owner.

In 1994, after some 25 years of working with both the Knudson and the Calls, and having previously purchased their interests in the business, current owners, Richard VanDyke, a grandson of the Knudsons, and his wife Shari, sold the restaurant and dedicated full time efforts to expand and develop the candy business.

In 2004, a new building was purchased and remodeled to facilitate expansion of both the sales and production areas of the business. Located just across the street from the original Cafe, the new candy store has the outside look, and the inside feel of a 1920's candy store.

In 2019, Rich sold his interest in the business to Shari's sister, Julie Gailey, making them partners. Julie has been highly instrumental in the success of Idle Isle Candy as well as the Cafe for over 37 years, making this the ultimate partnership. To this day, we strive to maintain the old-fashioned methods and techniques used by our predecessors, creating products that we are very proud to put the "Idle Isle" name on. We use only the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. Each and every piece is meticulously hand-dipped by our amazing staff and you can tell the difference as soon as you bite into one.

100 Years of Idle Isle Candy - A Success Story

Photo courtesy of Box Elder Museum 1921 Original Store Front
Photo courtesy of Box Elder Museum 1930's Updated Store Front
Photo courtesy of Box Elder Museum 2004 New Building Purchased and Remodeled
1945 Hand-Dipping Chocolate
Photo courtesy of Box Elder Museum 1980's Modern Awnings Added
Photo courtesy of Box Elder Museum 2021 Our Newest Awnings Upgrade
The Long Way Home - Idle Isle

Almond Creme Toffee

In approximately 1935, some 14 years after the opening of Idle Isle Cafe and Candy Company, David began taking the "Melba" a plain vanilla center dipped in chocolate then rolled in roasted and chopped peanuts, through the steps of evolution to the delightfully exquisite taste and texture of today's world-famous "Almond Creme Toffee". This unique creations is a creamy toffee, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in roasted and sliced almonds, always a customer favorite.

This flagship creation of the Idle Isle Candy Company has been shipped to every state in the union. It has gone overseas as a part of the Utah Delegation's representation of Utah Products for presentation to the Queen of England, the Premier of Japan, and was also included in the gifts to the leadership of China when President Richard M. Nixon opened the doors of trade with that country. Several Presidents of the United States have also been given this product by their friends and associates, with the most recent being President Donald Trump.